Shakeology Nutritional Shake

Shakeology Nutritional Shake Similar to Rockin’ Wellness, Shakeology is more of a meal replacement/all inclusive supplement rather than just a protein supplement. From the creators of P90X and many other workouts Shakeology is already well known and loved and finally I took the plunge and tried the chocolate flavor. Taste […]

Shakeology Nutritional Shake

Rockin' Wellness Nutritional Smoothie

Rockin’ Wellness Nutritional Shake

Rockin’ Wellness Nutritional Shake While Rockin’ Wellness isn’t a protein supplement, it certainly can help lead a healthy lifestyle. This superfood blend contains many awesome ingredients and is completely non-GMO and vegan. The flavor of this product is chocolate. Taste and Mix Factor Rockin’ Wellness tastes great. The chocolate flavor […]

CytoSport Muscle Milk Protein Powder Review

Cytosport Muscle Milk Protein Powder Muscle Milk Protein Powder has been a top selling protein powder for a long time and it doesn’t seem to be loosening its hold on the protein powder market. Muscle Milk is a blend of proteins including milk protein, whey protein, casein protein, and added amino […]

CytoSport Muscle Milk Protein Powder

Muscle Feast Hardcore Casein

Muscle Feast Hardcore Casein Protein Review

Hardcore Casein Protein Powder Review From Muscle Feast comes Hardcore Casein, a pure micellar casein protein powder. This product markets itself as being lactose free and also free from artificial flavors and sweeteners. This is my first product from Muscle Feast and I’m curious to see how this all natural […]

Jarrow Formulas Optimal Plant Proteins Review

Optimal Plant Proteins Review From Jarrow Formulas comes another protein powder. This one is a plant based blend powder called Optimal Plant Proteins which includes protein from brown rice, hemp, pea, chia seed, and chlorella. Though the flavor doesn’t say on the package, this a french vanilla flavored powder. Taste and […]

Jarrow Formulas Optimal Plant Proteins

Optimum Nutrition Natural Whey Protein Powder

Optimum Nutrition Natural Whey Protein Powder Review

Optimum Nutrition Natural Whey Protein Powder Another product from the ultra popular Optimum Nutrition brand, this whey protein blend is a sister product to Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey. Optimum Nutrition Natural Whey Protein Powder contains less artificial ingredients than the former, and no artificial sweeteners or flavors. The flavor being reviewed is […]

Garden of Life Raw Protein Review

Garden of Life Raw Protein Organic Vanilla The Garden of Life brand of raw superfoods and supplements is one of the most popular vegan products on the market competing with the likes of SunWarrior and Vega. Garden of Life RAW Protein Organic is a protein powder from Garden of Life that […]

Garden of Life Raw Protein

Legion Whey Protein Powder

Legion Whey Protein + Review

Legion Whey Protein Review Legion Supplements is a fairly new brand. They offer many different supplements including Legion Whey Protein +. This 100% whey protein isolate boasts about being all natural and using milk from hormone free cows. The founder of Legion Supplements is frequently found responding to complaints or compliments […]

Best Protein Powders I’ve Reviewed So Far!

My Best Protein Powders So Far After having reviewed around 40 protein powders or more, I decided it was time to reflect and come up with a list of my favorite protein supplements that I have tried thus far. Almost all the different brands have pros and cons specific to […]

Best Protein Powders

SynTrax Nectar Protein Fuzzy Navel

SynTrax Nectar Protein Review

SynTrax Nectar Protein Review SynTrax has become more popular as people seek better tasting supplements. Their Nectar Protein line is one of their most popular products. Nectar Protein is a whey protein isolate that comes in many different flavors. This SynTrax Nectar Protein review will cover the Fuzzy Navel flavor. Taste and […]